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Reddit introduces a new ad format that looks similar to posts made by users

Reddit is introducing a new ad format that looks similar to posts made by users on the platform, the company announced on Thursday. The launch comes as Reddit is readying its initial public offering

Instagram is working on a feature that would allow you to let others put a ‘Spin’ on your Reel

Instagram is working on a “Spins” feature for Reels, its short-form video TikTok clone, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The feature, which was first spotted by reverse engineer Alessa

Don Lemon says Elon Musk has canceled his deal for a show on X

Don Lemon announced on Wednesday that X owner Elon Musk has canceled the deal for his upcoming talkshow on the platform. Lemon, a former CNN anchor, says Musk terminated the partnership hours after he

Journey acquires mental health startup Felt to enhance its employee assistance program

Employee-focused mental health company Journey is acquiring Felt, a startup formerly known as Mine’d that specializes in matching individuals with therapists using artificial intelligence. The f

Bluesky launches Ozone, a tool that lets users create and run their own independent moderation services

Decentralized Twitter/X rival Bluesky announced on Tuesday that it’s open sourcing Ozone, a tool that lets individuals and teams collaboratively review and label content on the network. The com

TikTok is now letting creators in more countries earn money for their effects

TikTok is expanding its Effect Creator Rewards monetization program to more regions and lowering its payout threshold, the company announced today. The program, which launched in May 2023, rewards cre

Airbnb is banning indoor security cameras inside its listings

Airbnb is banning the use of indoor security cameras in all of its listings, the company announced on Monday. Previously, Airbnb has allowed hosts to have indoor security cameras in common areas, such

Twitter’s former head of Trust & Safety, Yoel Roth, joins Tinder owner Match Group

Twitter’s former head of trust and safety Yoel Roth announced today that he is joining Match Group, the parent company of several popular dating apps, including Tinder and Hinge. Yoel, who share

Reddit launches free tools to help businesses grow their presence on the site ahead of IPO

Reddit announced today that it’s launching a suite of tools, called Reddit Pro, to help businesses grow an organic presence on the platform. The launch comes as Reddit is readying its initial pu

Threads now lets all users save drafts and take photos within the app

Threads, the Twitter-like app from Instagram, is rolling out the ability for users to save a draft and take photos within the app. Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the features today, noting they

PayPal launches ‘Tap to Pay’ on iPhone for U.S. businesses using Venmo and Zettle

PayPal announced today that it’s launching “Tap to Pay” for merchants with an iPhone through the Venmo and Zettle apps in the U.S. PayPal, which owns both Venmo and Zettle, says the

Bored? Go play this hidden game in your Instagram DMs

Instagram has quietly added a secret emoji game that you can access in your DMs. The goal of the game is simple: Use your finger to move the paddle at the bottom of your screen to keep your emoji aflo

Adobe is making it easier to create social content on mobile with AI

Adobe is making it easier for users to create and publish social content on mobile, as the company announced today that it’s launching the latest version of the Adobe Express app in beta. With t

NYT Games debuts redesigned app to boost discovery and simplify navigation

The NYT Games app is debuting a new redesign to help users discover games and track their progress more easily. The redesign comes nearly a year after the New York Times renamed its games-focused app

TikTok says its revamped creator fund has increased total creator revenue by over 250%

TikTok announced today that its revamped creator fund has increased total creator revenue by over 250% within the last six months. The company says the fund, which launched a year ago and eventually r

Discord comes back online after widespread outage

Discord is back online after an outage this morning, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The outage came as Meta’s Instagram, Facebook and Threads all went down this morning. YouTube has also c

Waze now helps you navigate roundabouts, alerts you about speed limit changes and more

Waze is adding a few new features that will help users navigate tricky roundabouts, get alerts when a speed limit is about to change and get warnings about speed bumps and sharp curves. The Google-own

Instagram now lets you edit DMs up to 15 mins after sending them

Instagram announced today that it’s rolling out the ability for users to edit their direct messages for up to 15 minutes after sending them. The company also announced that users will soon also

MyHeritage debuts, offering access to millions of historical newspaper pages

MyHeritage announced today that it’s launching, a new website that offers access to thousands of historical newspapers, mainly from the 1800s and 1900s. The website includes articles

Google is making search suggestions in Chrome more helpful

Google is introducing improvements to search suggestions in Chrome, the company announced today. As part of the changes, users will start to get more helpful search suggestions in Chrome based on what
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