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This battery startup says it’s found a way to make cheap LFP batteries without sacrificing range

Coreshell, a battery materials startup, revealed a breakthrough this week that could lower the cost of lithium-ion batteries while reducing reliance on China.

Orbio Earth finds methane leaks that could cost oil companies billions this year

Investors bet the startup’s algorithms, which feed on satellite data, will fill a significant gap in the methane market.

Furno bets that super-efficient, modular kilns will turn the cement industry upside down

The cement startup promises to slash carbon emissions in the process, helping the company raise a $6.5 million seed round.

Pint-sized pickup startup Telo Trucks adds Tesla co-founder to board as interest grows from fleet customers

The young automotive company raised $5.4 million and added a Tesla co-founder to its board.

Two former CloudKitchens execs are tackling Mexico’s solar power lag

The Mexico City-based startup raised a seed round to expand its solar installation platform.

As mega-rounds become rarer, energy startups are powering up

The largest funding rounds raised by startups are becoming rarer and rarer. For upstart companies working on the future of energy, however, the market is surprisingly strong. The venture deceleration,

SEC adopts climate disclosure rules, giving carbon accounting startups firm footing

The financial regulator won’t require publicly traded companies to report indirect emissions, but the rules help the U.S. catch up with its peers.

How a new class of climate startups could get a boost from the SEC

The SEC’s much debated rule has already boosted a burgeoning class of startups that seek to help companies measure, track and report their greenhouse gas emissions.

Compete or cooperate? Five deep tech investors opt for shared gain over sharp elbows

The collaborative, known as Venx, allows Boston VCs to share offices, pitch meetings, and insights.

Mill’s updated bin will turn your food waste into chicken feed before breakfast

The Nest co-founders’ latest startup quickly incorporated customer feedback, arriving at not just new hardware but a tweaked business model, too.

Toyota wants hydrogen to succeed so bad it’s practically paying people to buy the Mirai

Despite automakers like Toyota and Honda pushing fuel-cell vehicles, hydrogen’s future lies elsewhere.

Geothermal startup Fervo Energy is tapping fresh $221M round, filing reveals

The company draws heavily on drilling techniques pioneered by the oil and gas industry and has a deal with Google to provide carbon-free power.

Carbon capture startup takes ‘good enough’ approach to slash costs

Clairity is one of the latest entrants into the direct air capture market, where companies compete to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at the lowest cost.

Arch has a plan to help HVAC contractors install more heat pumps

The startup is relying on automation to speed design and quoting of residential heat pump installations.

Celadyne coats membranes with nanoparticles to make hydrogen fuel cells more efficient

The material could drastically improve the durability of existing fuel cell designs while also improving the efficiency of hydrogen production by 15%-20%.

How robotics and AI helped Hippo Harvest land $21M to grow lettuce

The indoor farming startup uses repurposed warehouse robots to grow produce for Amazon Fresh.

Seed funding: Everything founders should know about fundraising, seed rounds and more for 2024

To understand what’s happening with seed rounds in 2024, TechCrunch+ spoke with three seasoned investors who offered advice for founders looking to raise.

Thea Energy raises $20M Series A for pixel-inspired fusion power plants

The startup is betting that software can supplant manufacturing precision in its quest to deliver reliable, inexpensive fusion power.

Amperesand raises $12.5M seed round to remake the humble 140-year-old transformer

Transformers are everywhere on the electrical grid, and they'll need new tech to realize the "internet of power."

Aurora Solar lays off 20% of employees after reportedly missing growth targets

The SaaS startup, which provides software to solar installers, reportedly missed its growth targets for the past year.
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