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Apple acquires AI startup specializing in overlooking manufacturing components

Apple has added another AI startup to its acquisition list with Canada-based DarwinAI, which specializes in vision-based tech to observe components during manufacturing to improve efficiency, Bloomber

Amazon now lets sellers create listings through a URL by using AI

Amazon launched generative AI-powered features last year to help sellers quickly create listings by entering just a few words about the product. The company is now making it easier for sellers to crea

Dev-focused note-taking startup Stashpad launches Google Docs alternative you can use without any login

Stashpad, a developer-focused “DM to yourself”-styled notebook app, is now pivoting to a docs app that you can use without logging in. The company will still maintain its original notes ap

Google Play will show AI-powered FAQs and recent YouTube videos for games

Google announced a number of new features for Google Play listings for games, including AI-powered FAQs, displaying the latest YouTube videos, new immersive ad formats and support for native PC game p

Code suggests that TikTok could be building an app for photos

After rivaling music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple music with TikTok Music, ByteDance might be looking at creating an Instagram competitor named TikTok Photos, code found in the TikTok ap

Telegram founder says the company will become profitable next year

Telegram founder Pavel Durov said that the company expects to hit profitability next year with eyes on going public in the future. The chat app, which crossed 900 million users, is making “hundr

Feeeed is a reader app that goes beyond tracking RSS feeds

In the last 12 months, reader apps have adopted AI to change how users consume news. Instagram co-founders’ now discontinued Artifact introduced AI-powered summaries and headlines. Newer apps li

Creator wishlist startup Throne is doing so well that it returned investor money

Throne, which lets fans gift items to creators from their wishlist, is launching a new gifting portal for family and friends called Happy Wishlist. However, the more interesting bit of the story is th

X now allows Premium+ users and organizations to publish articles

X announced a new long-form post format called Articles today. The feature, which is only available to Premium+ subscribers and verified organizations, lets users publish posts with text formatting, o

Apple is rolling out VisionOS 1.1 with improved personas

Apple released VisionOS 1.1 on Thursday with the most notable feature being improved personas of users. Specifically, the new update improves hair and makeup appearance, neck and mouth representation,

Oura starts selling its products on Amazon

Smart fitness ring maker Oura announced a partnership with Amazon today to sell its products through the e-commerce site. The company said that both its rings — Horizon in six finishes and Heritage

Telegram now lets users convert personal accounts to business accounts

Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced Wednesday that users on the chat app with personal accounts can now convert them into business accounts by paying a monthly fee. This gives users the ability to

Apple releases a new API to fetch transactions from Apple Card and Apple Cash

Apple’s iOS 17.4 update is primarily about adapting iOS to EU’s Digital Market Act Regulation. But the company has also released a new API called FinanceKit that lets developers fetch tran

Spotify submits an update to show pricing information to iOS users in EU

Spotify said today that it has submitted a new version App Store that shows pricing and feature information about the audio company’s different plans in the EU. The update, which is pending appr

Competition in AI video generation heats up as DeepMind alums unveil Haiper

AI-powered video generation is a hot market on the back of OpenAI’s releasing the Sora model last month. Two DeepMind alums, Yishu Miao and Ziyu Wang, have publicly released their video-generati

MacPaw’s new app helps you remove redundant photos from your iPhone

MacPaw, the developer of popular Mac and iOS apps, has released a new iPhone app called CleanMyPhone, which helps users free up storage by removing duplicate photos and other unwanted images. The app

Google temporarily restores Indian firms’ apps on Play Store after regulatory intervention

Indian firms whose apps were delisted by Google last week have begrudgingly started to comply with Play Store billing rules to get their apps back on the store.

Google’s latest Pixel Drop will let users post high-quality photos, videos on Instagram

Google today announced its latest set of Pixel-related features for phones tablets, and watches, such as 10-bit video support for Instagram, expansion of the Circle to search feature, automatic workou

Airbnb has a new label to denote its top (and worst) listings

Airbnb already has labels like “Guest favorites” and “Superhost” to indicate the quality of a property or the host. Now the company is adding a new label for the top 25% and to

Apple announces new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air models with M3 chip

Apple announced new MacBook Air models with 13-inch and 15-inch screen sizes with its own M3 chip. The 13-inch model starts at $1,099 ($100 less than the M2 Air model) and the 15-inch model starts at
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